Blinds Not Rolling Properly? Here are Ways You Can Fix It!


 Roman blinds are a popular choice among homeowners for their attractive and contemporary design. It’s always a step up in owning one since it is versatile and it comes in style. Not just that, when it comes to time and costing, it’s efficient. Putting it up is easy, and it lasts longer. It gives you more lighting options and is easier to clean and maintain. The only trouble in having one is it’s not rolling as consistently as it should be.

Luckily, with the professionals’ help, this article will give you solutions to your problems. If you are one of the roman blinds enthusiasts and having trouble rolling it up properly, this is just for you, so keep on reading!

Blinds Hanging Unevenly

Although roman blinds are durable and long-lasting, these may also develop some faults, especially if not installed correctly. When the blinds appear uneven, the probable cause would be that the strings are cut too short during installation or not appropriately looped in place.

You can detect the length of your string in two ways. Begin by examining the string that is furthest away from the window. This is supposed to be the longest string. If it isn’t the longest, it means the string was cut too short when it was first cut. The string may also be too short if there is a lot of tension in the string. The pressure of the string should be relatively relaxed and similar to the stress of the other strings; replace the string with one that is longer to fix the problem.

Other possibilities that can happen with your roman blinds include a lengthier or looser string compared to the rest of the group. As a result of incorrectly tying the string to loops, this can occur. Fix this by turning the shade over and checking the reverse side of the shade for damaged or ripped loops, and if necessary, replace them. Replace the required loop and make sure the string is wrapped around all of them correctly before releasing the string from it.

A Cord is Broken!

Cords for roman blinds are not all the same thickness. Because of the repetitive pulling force involved in lifting the blinds. It is possible that some cords are not suitable for the fabric they are raising, especially if the cord is thin, but the material is bulky. If the cord has broken or worn out quickly, we recommend purchasing a thicker cord to replace it. Replace the cord by removing it from the blind, unloop it, and replacing it with a new one, threading it through all the loops again.

Not Folding Up Neatly

A significant feature of Roman blinds is that they fold into attractive, pleated segments as they are pulled up. You may find it frustrating if you purchase blinds that don’t fold up properly with this aesthetic in mind. To get the best results from your Roman blinds, hand fold them in the desired location. The creases will be defined, and the blind will be ‘guided’ into the correct position when raised.

Fabric that is too stiff can make the blinds fold up incorrectly, even when the creases are clearly defined on them. Lay your blind out and iron the fabric; the creases will need to be redefined for the material to be loose once again. And then, fold your blind by hand in the direction you want it to fold, then iron it again. Your blinds should now fold up neatly, correctly, and elegantly.

Blind Doesn’t Come Down Smoothly

Perhaps the loops themselves are catching on the strings, causing them to become stuck. Make the strings waxy by using a neutral shoe polish that contains wax. Now, your blinds will come up and down smoothly.


Some blinds can be customized to match your home’s mood, ambiance, and home furniture. A variety of roman blinds are available from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, both in their physical store and on their website. Their experts also provide support and guidance. Here you can assure that they’ve got the best materials for your home.  So, what are you waiting for? Shop now!

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