Interior design 101: Options of patterns for your Fabrics!


          Varieties of upholstery fabrics are available that come in different colors, shapes, sizes, repeats, and schemes. Matching fabric patterns to your interior may be a lot to think about than you expected. Planning for the design you want to go for can be tricky. To help you widen your options for your upholstery fabric patterns, here are 28 of the common fabric patterns.


It creates a symmetrical effect of the crisscross weave of basket-woven or printed onto fabric. The appropriate usage of this pattern produces a complement to minimalist styles and contrast to a muted palette.


This pattern commonly has silver or gold thread that appears like  embroidery. This pattern delivers luxury and elegance for your upholstery fabric.


It is inevitable to see checkered patterns everywhere as it is very common. This pattern works well for modern farmhouses and country designs. Checkered patterns can make a statement through proper use of your fabric.


Zigzag stripes are what consists of chevron patterns, With choosing subtle tonal differences or textured chevron can help prevent overwhelming feeling for your upholstery fabric.


                    Elaborate scenes of florals, animals, pagodas, and children drawn          from traditional Chinese motifs are what these patterns show us. For interior         deigns         that aim to exude a romantic feeling, these patterns add to that goal       especially in upholstery fabrics such us in chairs, throw pillows, or even curtains.


                    Chintz is a pattern with exuberant florals and elegant sophisticated         nature. It is often associated with English country homes.


          This pattern has swirling patterns and looks beautiful in jewel tones. With the      incorporation of silks and taffetas in a dramatic, grand room, this pattern works well with it.


                    Often the presence of flowers which are small in scale all over with a         random repeat. It is not very whimsical rather than all linear or geometric in   nature. Country and city homes are where this pattern fits.

Flame Stitch

       This pattern has a design perfect for funky spaces and a retro vibe with    its vertical stitches, bold colors, Florentine stitch, and flame stitch needlework.


                    The presence of three or four-petal lily that symbolizes purity during the          Middle Ages fits for French country vibe.


                    Another inevitable pattern we see everywhere due to how common it         is in the society is a floral pattern. It can come in small, large, realistic,and       even abstract. This pattern exudes femininity most especially in nature.


                 Repetitive lines or shapes complete a geometric pattern. Common upholstery fabric that uses this pattern is in rugs, or upholstery in interior spaces.


                    The colors involved in this pattern are usually three. One-color would most often be white, the other black, and lastly gray. Gingham is a pattern for your   accent upholstery fabric.

Greek Key

                    This pattern is usually used in the old times and is clearly traditional. It          consists of continuous lines bending back on itself exhibiting squared spirals.         This pattern fits well for curtains or bed linens.


          The features of this pattern involve diamonds that are alternating   rather           than squares. The fancy word for this pattern is diamonds. The       Harlequin pattern works well for any floor covering.


                    This pattern can be compared to chevron. However, their difference is           that if a chevron contains two perpendicular diagonal lines intersecting while         herribone has thin lines  that pass the lines a little making it look like it is woven. This pattern is considered to be more contemporary than stripes or     chevrons.


                    The pattern exhibits  a design that looks like a dog’s teeth but some     perceive the design as little bugs. The pattern feels handsome and     masculine even as an accent in your home. You can use this pattern on a       pillow, or throw-blanket.


                    This pattern is made from tie-dye yarns creating a feathered or hazy         look. This works well as an upholstery fabric such as a back chair that shows    traditional inspired hangout space.


                    The patterns are woven rather than printed on a fabric for a jacquard     pattern. Some jacquard patterns are damasks, geometric, and florals.

Animal Prints

                    The prints in this pattern are usually from wild animals to make a        statement. Fun and graphic are the end goal of this design that goes with       anything.

Pick your pattern

There’s plenty of fabric collection for you to check out before deciding a fabric that matches your interior design while maintaining the overall aim of the room in terms of emotions, feelings, and mood brought about by the patterns of your choice.

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