Sterility, Infertility, Impotence

Sterility, Infertility, Impotence
Sterility, Infertility, Impotence

Today, male impotence and female sterility are serious problems. Infertility, impotence, and sterility all refer to sexual dysfunctions, or dysfunctions, of the reproductive system. These degenerative diseases are caused by poor diet or lifestyle choices and can be reversed. They can also be psychological and mental diseases.

In the Traditional Djehuty style, I like to start with or define a word or thing so the meaning can be absorbed in my mind.

What is impotence?

Latin impotentia is the Latin name for impotence. 1. weakness. 2. Inability of an adult male to achieve penile Erections. There are many types. Functional impotence is psychologically based. Anatomical impotence is caused by physically deficient genitalia. Atonic impotence involves disturbed neuromuscular function. Normal sexual function can be affected by poor health, fatigue, drug use, and age. SOURCE: Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, Third Edition (1990).

Impotence is basically a lack of power or inability to maintain an erection. If a couple is trying to have a child or start a family, this can be a serious problem.

My beloved Christian brethren and other western religious devouts, I believe that numerology is not of the demonic or devil. Numerology is the study of mathematics, which is the language and power of God. We are now in the Age of Aquarius. It is imperative that we get along with the times metaphysically. I believe we can all be witnesses to the fact that our current situation is not optimal. God is not a half-stepper. It’s either all or nothing when it comes to God. You can’t be a true believer in God and still be plagued with so many diseases and other problems that it robs you of your health and well-being. Problems can be solved. I don’t want to make anyone feel down or unhappy, but I have a responsibility to inspire people to think and stimulate them to action. Religious faith is manifested through actions. Jesus instructed followers and believers to be more than just a listener. The word does, which means to take action, is the meaning of the verb.

Men, to reproduce (in some cases, by yourself through the birth of a son, or male child), you must not be impoverished and be able to attain a 90deg angle to penetrate the sacred cave (vagina, Yoni). The secret password to the sacred cave of life is revealed by the penis when it is in an erect position at 90deg vibrationally. This password was “Open, sesame,” which refers to the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian), word seshemu which means “sexual intercourse”. Seshemu’s hieroglyphic sign was a penis that was inserted into an arched symbol called yoni.

What causes impotence? Poor diet and lifestyle are the main causes of impotence. In the development of impotence, excessive consumption of meat (dead animal flesh), dairy (liquefied cow milk snot or mucus), as well as starch plays a key role. To reverse impotence, starch would be the most important thing to avoid. Dry cleaning services use starch to stiffen your clothes. What does starch do to your penis if it stiffens your clothes? Reduce or eliminate starchy foods like white rice, yellow corn, potatoes, and so on. Brown or wild (black), blue corn, and colored potatoes (red, purple) are all good options.

Dairy and meat will add animal fats and cholesterol to your body, which can greatly affect circulation throughout your body, including the male genitalia. The penis, an organ made of tissue, is a sponge that is raised by the blood vessels of the penis. This causes it to swell and creates girth. This is vital for stimulating the vaginal canal during coitus and lovemaking. American males should avoid high-fat foods and fatty oil. It is vital for your sex life!

It’s important to remember to eat eggs (female chicken egg ova). Eggs can cause toxicity and hormonal imbalance in men.

Protein? Protein? The body can become ill from uric acid and toxicities. The number one reason for cancer-causing food-based causes is protein malutilization. What technical terms denote meat and dairy? protein!

I was a street minister in my youth or embryonic consciousness days and used to advise young African-American men to avoid certain beer brands. The chemical substance “potassium Nitrate” is heavily laced into fried chicken products in order to reduce birth rates and population growth in African-Americans. This was done to make them less likely to eat fried chicken in urban black areas. Potassium Nitrate was once used to make food for the U.S. military. Potassium Nitrate, also known as saltpeter, makes the penis swollen. if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then you can take Cenforce 200 mg. To reduce the high rate of rape by U.S. military personnel, the U.S. government allowed the use of this substance in the diet of military males. Potassium Nitrate is a controversial topic. Some people believe it has an adverse effect (penis), while others disagree. My research has shown that potassium nitrate does indeed have an adverse effect on the male apparatus.

It is not hard to believe that African-American men are still very impotent. While there are many studs and Mandingos, there are also many Willie Lump Los. Because I am a herbalist, I have a lot of men asking me for advice in this area. These men are embarrassed by their situation because they subconsciously know that it is a fundamental and primordial function.

The impotence rates for African-American males are high, but the rates for white males and European males are higher. For the most part, impotence was a luxury disease. This was because wealthy men could afford to eat steak and smoke cigars as well as snort the highest-quality cocaine and consume the finest wines every day. These are all important factors in impotence.

An erection will be affected by smoking marijuana or cigarettes. Carbon monoxide, a byproduct of smoking, has a blood affinity ten times higher than that of oxygen. Smoking and using drugs can lead to degeneration of the reproductive system and sex glands. This can lead to impotence and low sperm counts.

Consuming alcohol can cause weakness in the penis as well as degeneration of the male reproductive system. American wine is made with formaldehyde (embalming liquid) and ether (sleeping gases). How is a man to be awake and aware of sex if his eyes are bloodshot and droopy (sleepiness), and his penis can’t become erect from the indirect embalming? In urban areas and in communities, billboards promote alcohol consumption and sex. Yes, there is plenty of sex when people get drunk. But what about the quality of that sexual activity? And, God forbid, what kind of child is it that is conceived through such sex and what mental state of mind?

Consuming alcohol for a prolonged period of time will severely affect a man’s ability and skill to perform sex acts. It is well-known that alcohol can impair motor skills and coordination. I believe that the brain is the most important organ of sex. The brain controls sexuality.

Also, men should stop wearing briefs (underwear) and instead wear boxers. Poor circulation caused by smothering the testicles can lead to low sperm count, production, and penile weakness (impotence).

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